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Replaced a concrete driveway and walkways in the front of my house. He also provided input on the design details such as colour, finish shape, patterns, etc.

The owner of the company, TJ Callahan, came to our house with photos of his past work and discussed our project in-depth. He explained all of the technical details (I’m an engineer and needed this) and went into the design possibilities. After measuring the area to be covered and agreeing on general details, he gave us a quote, several catalogs from paver companies, locations for us to examine various paver supplier’s products and, via email, several addresses of local clients so that we could see past results. This input allowed us to make our selections of materials and design details so we requested that he start as soon as he could work us into his schedule – which tuned out to be the following week.


TJ and his crew showed up on time and started work as scheduled. The foreman efficiently kept his crew of five (or more) workers going with frequent checks by TJ (who had several sites working.) Trucks came and went both taking material out and bringing it infrequently. (TJ had visited all of our neighbors to let them know about the trucks and dust in advance.) Our soil was worse than anticipated so TJ made the decision to trench deeper than the required amount to ensure that there would be no future problems. By the middle of the second day, all of the diggings was completed, a special cloth was installed, and the roadbed of gravel and sand was nearly complete. The next day the sand was completed and pavers were installed and sealed. The following day the work was completed and TJ spent several hours applying a final sealant coat and inspecting the work.

In spite of the almost frenetic pace of the work, the crew were on time in the morning and left our property clean each day with all of the equipment stowed neatly out of sight. They were responsive to our questions and concerns and made modifications when we asked for them. They certainly earned our respect as craftsmen at what they do.

The comments by our neighbors and friends have all started with “WOW.” What more can I say!!!

We recommend Aloha Pavers to anyone wishing to use pavers to improve the looks and function of their home.

Excellent from start to finish. First meeting covered all of the aspects that we needed to understand including methods of installation; site preparation; timing; cost etc. TJ was very informative, offering suggestions on design, color, type of paving, references and sources for obtaining information from the manufacturers of paving stones.

Aloha Pavers just completed over 750 sf, of pavers in my front yard which included; walkway, front patio area and replace the original concrete driveway. The process of deciding on a contractor started last July. We interviewed six contractors, contacted their references, viewed the properties they completed over the past year or two and found that only a couple had completed, what we considered, quality accurate paver placement and appropriate base compaction. Working with TJ, of Aloha Pavers was the most pleasant to deal with, informative (helping with the design and paver colors and choices) and straightforward of the majority of the contractors we interviewed. Most of the contractors wanted to cut corners on base preparation in order to provide a low quote; but, when asked to provide the necessary services they were not the low bidders and we lost confidence in their quote. We went with Aloha Pavers, scheduled the start date and the job was completed with excellent workmanship, in a shorter time span than originally quoted (had up to nine workers on site) and better than we had hoped the outcome would be.

Details: Job started at 7 am on a Tuesday morning. Nine working and TJ showed up. TJ provided all of the site markings and gave directions to the crew. We discussed sprinkler locations, and areas that needed to tie together for effect and function. The crew worked through the day as a team and at the end of the day cleaning up. The following day the job was completed with some minor coordination with the team leader. TJ came at the completion and sealed the pavers and explained how to care for them. Outstanding job!