Aloha Pavers Inc. provides the highest quality interlocking pavers for Orange County and Los Angeles homeowners at the best value. A family owned and operated business, Aloha Pavers, Inc. specializes in pavers and has been enhancing homes and solving problems with interlocking concrete pavers for California and Hawaii families for years. Call us today at (888) 880-9997 for a free consultation regarding your driveway, walkway, patio, courtyard, or pool deck installation. Let our professional design and installation experts solve your problem; whether it’s a broken step, a trip-hazard, a leaning wall or more, we are licensed and insured for all of your hardscape needs and desires. With a focus on Orange County and Los Angeles Aloha Pavers, Inc. is dedicated to your satisfaction.


  • Pavers, Interlocking Paving Stones, Segmental Concrete Pavement, whatever you choose to call them, they are all concrete based stones made in molds.
  • Pavers are a mix of aggregate base, sand, concrete, minimal water and iron oxide color dyes.
  • Pavers are the only hard-scape product to offer a lifetime guarantee from cracking or breaking.
  • Unlike bricks, Pavers are not baked in a kiln, instead they are cured and hydrated in chambers.
  • Pavers are typically 4 times stronger than standard concrete slabs.
  • By ASTM standards, Pavers must maintain a minimum of 8000psi and a maximum of 3-5% absorption rate.
  • These standards allow for an extremely durable product with minimal fading.
  • Pavers range in size from 3″-16″, from a natural look to a modern design, Pavers can enhance any style home.
  • All Pavers provide a non-slip, non-skid surface.


Interlocking Pavers

Orange County Pavers 

With interlocking pavers, the right mix of durability, attractiveness and selection is finally available. Made of rugged materials, a surface completed with interlocking pavers will last for years to come and will display the beauty that your specific space deserves. Pavers now come in many shapes, sizes, textures, colors and patterns. This means, that a simple glance at our galleries could easily transform the driveway or patio of your dreams into a reality.

Our professional and experienced installation experts are available to transform your dreams into reality by installing the exact combination of interlocking pavers for your specific project. The many beautiful and durable pavers to choose from allow the opportunity to provide a stunning compliment to every home or personal preference. Aloha Pavers, Inc. aims to take the outdoor living dreams of our clients and make them a reality. Come Home To Paradise!


Synthetic Turf

Orange County Pavers

With our synthetic turf solutions, no longer will you be forced to live with an unattractive lawn. Developed from professional athletics, the application of synthetic turf in residential settings has become more common each year, with homeowners realizing all the advantages that the turf has to offer. The non-fading grassy appearance stands up to even the most scorching heats, shining in the sun while other grasses wilt and turn to brown.

The science of synthetic turf has made giant strides in recent years and today’s models are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Even though they have the same appearance, our synthetic version offers a host of benefits. In arid climates, no watering is needed and a family can enjoy the green space any time of year. There are no allergies, no mowing obligations and no need for chemical fertilizer. In addition, the materials used to create synthetic turf are completely safe for pets and children, making it the perfect choice for a family looking to beautify their lawn.

Outdoor Living

Orange County Pavers

There are few experiences better than spending time outdoors with loved ones. At Aloha Pavers,Inc. we know how valuable this time can be and have outdoor living fixtures created to make this time more enjoyable. Beautiful and durable pavers combined with exquisite fire pits, water features, pizza ovens, planters and seating walls create the perfect setting for the time you share with your family and friends.

Our outdoor living products are created with durability, function and comfort as high priorities. Lasting for years, a custom-designed BBQ grill or outdoor fireplace could become the central focus of your outdoor space, inviting good times and inspiring a lifetime of memories. Our installation experts can have your new fixtures set up quickly and ready to be enjoyed by all. Call us today to learn more about our outdoor living fixtures and how they can enhance your space.

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