Paver Stone FAQ

Paver Stone frequently asked questions

Paver Stone FAQ

These are some the questions we get asked while out in the field.

What is the difference between Pavers and brick?

Pavers are a concrete or porcelain based product and they are shaped in molds for extremely precise and consistent sizing. Pavers are cured in factory towers for 42-72 hours, then go through an additional treatment in a hydration chamber to create an extremely durable (ASTM 8,000psi) and dense (ASTM 3-5% max absorption rate) product. Pavers are installed on aggregate road base and sharp-angular bedding sand and are available in hundreds of different colors, designs, and patterns. Every Paver we install in guaranteed for life from cracking and breaking.
Bricks are a clay based product and are baked in a kiln. Bricks are typically available in one size and a couple of different colors and styles. Bricks are mortar set and provide no guarantees.

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